Written by the Mediterranean Sea on March 16, 2018, in Netanya, Israel.

Breathe in

Breathe out

Dear Sea, you are very blue today.  And your waves are very noisy today.  The blue of the sky makes a very definite line between sea and sky.

And then comes the whirl of a fan under a colorful kite that takes the rider over the coast.  It’s quite noisy.  It doesn’t look like much fun to me, but perhaps I’m wrong and it’s really wonderful.

It’s March now, and the winter rains are behind us.  They have left behind very, very green grass and colorful wildflowers.

I don’t see any bubbles, but bubbles have been on my mind.  Of what use are bubbles?

There is more control over one’s life if confined by the contours of the bubble.  And control of one’s life seems particularly important and harder to achieve in today’s rapidly changing world.

Bubbles keep you safe inside, but restrict you from experiencing life outside the bubble.  While critical to the young, how important is it to seniors who aren’t sure why they’re still alive?

Inside — outside.

Control — at risk.

I definitely chose at risk during my adventurous years.  And even now, sameness still wears on me, forcing me to change the channel, eat something I’ve never eaten before, go some place I’ve never gone before.

Choices, choices — give me choices.

But perhaps not too many, not too fast, and not too expensive.  I’m of great-grandmother age now.

Perhaps a bubble where the sun can come in, and I can go out.

Breathe in

Breathe out


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