January 6, 2016
Today is a rainy day.  What can I do on a rainy day – especially since there have been only a mere handful of not-so-rainy days for over 4 years?  And especially since southern California is in the worst drought ever.  And especially since there may not be much more rain this rainy season.
I can listen to the rain.  Sometimes it is a staccato plop-plop. Sometimes it makes a gurgling sound as it goes through the drainpipe and out the other end.  Sometimes it is as steady as a drum beat demanding to be heard.  Sometimes it is a pleasing, tinkling splish splash that gladdens my heart.  I can hear the playful swish and swirl of the water on the road as the cars go by.
I can watch the rain when it drips drops that delight the thirsty plants, trees, and grasses that haven’t completely died yet.  I can see a literal shower curtain of water as it pours down my patio roof.  I can watch the clouds temporarily turn off the faucet when they’ve run out of water, and I wait expectantly for it to gush down again.
I can wonder at the power of rain as it refreshes, renews, and creates life.  And I can respect its ability to drown, kill, and destroy.  I can imagine its anger at humans for the myriad ways we have attempted to reconfigure, refine, block, divert, rearrange, buy, sell, and pollute it.  What humans aren’t yet willing to accept is that water will be the eventual victor in this human technology vs. nature power struggle.
I can touch its wetness.  While I can’t guarantee its purity, I can at least be grateful that it isn’t the black sooty rain that came down on me in other countries.  It is not only life-saving rain, but it is also cleanses the air around us.
What can I do on a rainy day?  I can DANCE to the rhythm of the rain!
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