June 24, 2020

I know that when I die, the cause of my death will be “a broken heart.”  It may say on the death certificate, “heart attack,” or “stroke,” or “hypertension.”  But the main cause of death will  truly be a broken heart because of the horrendous crimes, knowingly and unknowingly, that we humans have committed against nature, other animals, and the planet Earth itself.  It led to destruction of so many precious pieces of what was worthwhile on the planet Earth.

It’s no surprise.  We were warned over and over by some knowing humans with the gifts of foresight, compassion, and the need to try to stop us from being mass destroyers.  And we were warned in numerous ways by obvious changes in and to the planet wrought by humans.

Humans were  the worst species to allow on the earth.  Human animals were both like, and unlike, other animals.  But we humans somehow considered ourselves above the “other” animals.  We even created a god that told us we were superior to the other animals.  And to the laws of mother nature as well.

The tragedy unfolded over centuries.  Plagues came upon humans.  Weather wreaked havoc in many ways–storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, too hot, too cold.  Many humans died along the way, but the population of humans eventually overwhelmed what the planet Earth could bear even while medical doctors, scientists, and researchers continued to seek cures for everything that ailed the humans.

Why?  Because there was one part of nature that humans could not accept —  mortality.  So, life expectancy grew artificially longer and longer – far beyond what the body was meant to live — and the planet to sustain.  Even pandemics couldn’t stop it.   At the same time, thousands of other species were carelessly killed off.

The human species is hard to describe — arrogance is the largest part of it.  Plus a rather large brain that could take on new challenges aided by cleverly devised technology.  But more emotional than practical.  Way too many levels and varieties of emotions that were hard to understand, and which often took control.

But the biggest downfall of the big brain human species was something they couldn’t even take with them after death — money.   Greed, and the need for MORE of everything motivated them beyond all sense.  Modern life became a disastrous, everlasting contest between the haves and those trying to have.

In the new 2020 movie, Planet of the Humans by long time environmentalist Michael Moore,  there is a heart and gut wrenching scene of a mother and baby orangutan caught by hell wrought by humans–their environment being destroyed in exchange for money.  Because ALL animals do have emotions if you look closely, the mother is clearly giving up and dying.  The baby grasps the hand of the human destroyer with a total look of bewilderment and despair.


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