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Welcome to

This website was created for interested readers of the book, Memoirs of a Middle-aged Hummingbird, written by Suellen Zima. This book covers her travels around the world, especially throughout Asia.

Here you can share Suellen's personal observations and interpersonal experiences around the world through her journal entries. It's almost like being there yourself, transporting you to a different place and time through her words.

For more information about Suellen Zima, please visit the About the Author page. The Overview page contains links to maps of the various regions mentioned within the book, and the the book's table of contents is on the Chapters page. To see what readers have said about the book, visit the Feedback page, the Contact page has a link to contact Suellen directly via e-mail, and there's also a Links page with additional online resources.

Recent travels are presented in UPDATED ENTRIES - The Story Continues...

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